Welcome to Hazordhu

leave your weapons at the door, grab a stool by the hearth and stay awhile...

Delve into the low-fantasy medieval lands of Hazordhu, where you will explore a vast open world full of dangers and wonders where every building and every item is player-made, and the online world changes based on your actions.

Begin as a humble nobody, and develop your skills to become whatever you wish to be!

  • Play online on an Official Server, or host your own Community Server for anyone to join!

  • Explore a massive, open world full of unique creatures and dangerous enemies

  • Survive against the growing threats of the wilderness and other players

  • Thrive and grow your base into a flourishing settlement

Live your fantasy life with tools and skills specifically tailored to an immersive roleplay experience

  • Hundreds of unique items and buildings to craft

  • Hunt, gather, build and grow your way from surviving to thriving

  • 9 Distinct skills to develop and grow

  • Community driven development, including the original soundtrack and artwork


Who We Are


Creator / Project Lead

A Dreamer from the Canadian Prairies

My name is Jesse Woodland, I go by the alias "F0lak" online, and I'm a young game developer from the wide open fields of Alberta, Canada.  I've spent the last decade of my life cooking professionally across the country and in light of the covid-19 pandemic I turned my attention back to my passion project from my younger days: Hazordhu. I've spent the better part of the last year tuning the game that was originally released on a small community website called BYOND nearly 15 years ago and have been polishing it up for an Early Access release on Steam this coming March, in order to celebrate it's 15th birthday. I truly hope that this small game will be able to attract enough attention for me to be able to step away from the kitchen life, and be able to create a home-based career for myself that will allow me to spend more time with my family, and continue to create and share happiness and memories with the world around me.


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