Who We Are


Creator / Project Lead

Hey there! I'm F0lak. I'm the creator of Hazordhu. This is a fantasy role-playing game based in its namesake world. Players take on the role of anyone that they choose to be in this new world, which simply provides them with tools to role-play in a wide-open and fully player developed land.

Hazordhu began back in the mid 2000's, and it's been through a lot of changes since then. The game being available on and having the Patreon page are the first steps to garner some interest from fans old and new, and be able to incur enough income to take on development full-time.

I have always wanted Hazordhu to be free-to-play for all forever, so any support that you can provide, is very much appreciated; so support the game on Patreon, or donating on the download page on!

Happy Roleplaying!


©2020 by Hazordhu. Happy Roleplaying!

Master Duke

Master Duke, teaches some young grunts proper technique