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Catching Up!

Updated: Dec 13, 2020

Hey there everyone! It's been awhile since my last post here on the website, and there's a lot of ground that I have to cover! Depending on how long-winded this ends up, I may break it up into a few posts to keep things short.

First off, I want to say a huge thank you to everyone who currently supports the game on Patreon! We've passed our first milestone last week, which is huge! I'm hopeful that we can hit the second by the end of the year, so if you haven't yet, head over to the Patreon page and take a look at what benefits you can get for supporting the game this early in development.

With the last dev post here, way back in April, I teased a bit towards the changes I made to the character model, so let's go over those quickly.

They lie.  They definitely lie
Them Hips

As I pointed out in the last post, the little character had some odd deformations and birthing hips, so I took a look at the model and decided to completely redo him, the difference is quite striking, and nice to see. I took care of the weighting issue I had ran into, and we wound up with a taller and nicer looking little fella. I also decided to name him Moss.

He might not be as 'Hip', but he's still pretty cool

In addition to the changes I made to the model, I wasn't entirely happy with how the equipment looked. Aside from the issues with clipping that we were running into with those beefy hips, they didn't look quite right. They didn't have exactly the feel that I was looking for. So again, back to Blender for some remodeling, this time for the few bits of kit that Moss already had to play with.

After I got finished with reworking the models and I was happy with them, I had to dive into the equipment code a bit to fix a few things I had muddied up earlier on in the project. After I had cleaned things up and tied up a few loose ends, I set out to make a little fire to keep Moss warm.

Before and After

I also took some time and polished up the outlines, opting for something a little on the softer side. Overall, I'm really pleased with the result and love the look of our little fella! Now that he's got a fire to keep him warm and some proper fitting clothes, Moss is pretty happy, too!

This is getting a bit wordy, but stay tuned, I'll have another post here in the next few days to cover what we've been working on lately! Become a Patron to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to updates on development, see a lot more behind the scenes content and get updates and tech demos as we work on them to see what the game looks and feels like!

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