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Our First Milestone

First off, I want to say a huge thank you to all of you who support the game. It's really overwhelming for me to think about how much a game can mean to people, especially one that I started over 15 years ago. We've seen a community grow around the game and people create and share stories, moments, and memories. It's really cool, and I'm happy that I can provide a space for people to do that in.

We didn't just reach it, we've smashed through it!  Thank you all so much!
So Exciting to Reach This Milestone!

After talking with some of our community members I've come to learn that I made a pretty big mistake by simply walking away from the 2D version of the game, and leaving it in a barely playable state. I just want to say first off that I'm sorry for doing that.

Second of all, thanks to everyone's support -but especially Hazordhu's biggest fan, Jed- I'm going to be taking some extra time to get the 2D version back up to par. This way, everyone can play the game that started this whole thing, and we can continue to create stories and moments together while I work diligently on the 3D version of the game.

We can get back to building this stuff!

I will also continue to provide support and maintenance on the classic version throughout development on the 3D version. It won't amount to much new content and updates, but I'll continue to fix bugs and maintain the server for it.

Happy Roleplaying, and thank you very much!

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