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Road Map

With our Early Access release behind us, we're looking ahead to the future and expanding upon the living world of Hazordhu!

Read on to find out what's yet to come...

Sea and Song

Uncover more memories as you explore the Lost Temple of Ayora, the Ael of Sea and Song

Updated seafaring system and boat construction

New visual effects for water

OST implemented to the game: Dynamic Music to fit the situation

Musical Instrument Overhaul

The Wildlands

Journey to the Wildlands and discover the secrets of a world long forgotten


Body Temperature and Climate

First Map addition: The Jungle

New Creatures

New Buildings

The Mainland

Travel back to where it all began.  Discover the secrets of Settal and finally remember The Calamity

Second Map Addition: The Mainland

New Ael Temple

Enhancements to AI and Animal Breeding

Family system and NPC allies

Full Release

The End of Early Access!

Hazordhu will transition out of Early Access and be considered complete, but don't worry!  As long as there is a community, there will be development.

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